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injector nozzle engine spare parts-injector nozzle dlla134s999

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China Lutong Mandy

China Fujian, China

Establish: 1981

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Product information
Product Description: Toyota Diesel Engine Parts 093400-5590, 093400-5571-Toyota Spare Parts
China Lutong Parts Plant is manufacturer in China ,our company located in Putian city ,Fujian Province, we are specialized in diesel injection spare parts like head rotor, diesel nozzle, diesel plunger, delivery valve ,etc. With more than 20 years ,we provide high quality, good price and professional service.
Products Name: Nozzle( Diesel Nozzle, Diesel injector Nozzle, Fuel injector nozzle, Toberas, Bicos, Spray Nozzles)Variety: DN_SD Type Nozzle ,DN_PD Nozzle, S Type Nozzle, P type Nozle, Pin Less Nozzle, Common Rail Nozzle, T type Nozzles.Application:Nozzle in the unit time supply steady foggy fuel for engine Air Cylinder.Raw material: W6Mo5Cr4V2; 18CrNi8 Zexel, Denso , Bosch, Delphi OEM numbers
Hot sale Nozzle & Car Models:DN0PDN112 Mitsubishi 4D56DN0PDN113 NISSAN toyota spare parts TD42/TD27DN4PD57 Toyota 2LDLLA157SN848 Mitsubishi 6D16

CHINA-LUTONG is specialize in providing high quality common rail injectors.

The merits of the common rail fuel injection system architecture have been recognized since the development of the diesel engine.Lower fuel pump peak torque requirements. As high speed direct injection (HSDI) engines developed, more of the energy to mix the air with fuel came from the fuel spray momentum as opposed to the swirl mechanisms employed in older, IDI combustion systems. Only high pressure fuel injection systems were able to provide the mixing energy and good spray preparation needed for low PM and HC emissions. To generate the energy required to inject the fuel in approximately 1 millisecond, the conventional distributor pump would have to provide nearly 1 kW of hydraulic power in four 1 ms bursts per pump revolution, thus placing considerable strain on the drive shaft. One of the reasons behind the trend toward common rail systems was to minimize the maximum pump torque requirement. While the power and average torque requirements of the common rail pump were similar, high pressure fuel delivery is to an accumulator and thus the peak flow rate (and peak torque required to drive the pump) does not have to coincide with the injection event as is the case with the distributor pump. Pump discharge flow can be spread out over a longer portion of the engine cycle to keep pump torque demand more even.

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nozzle injector tester for common rail engine
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Packaging Info : Neutral packing
Payment Terms : TT ,western uion .money gram
Delivery Information : 7-10 days delivery time ,6 months Warranty
Product Specification
Brand Name : china lutong
Model No : dlla 146 p 768
Material : steel
Color : black
Size : 8*8*8

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injector nozzle engine spare parts-injector nozzle dlla134s999

injector nozzle engine spare parts-injector nozzle dlla134s999

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