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Organic Fertilizer/Manure

$110 / Tons
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MOQ 25 Tons
Price $110 / Tons
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Category Agro & Agriculture Agro Chemicals
Sri Gayathri Biotec

India Andhra Pradesh, India

Establish: 2010

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+91 9959833520

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Product information

Organic Fertilizer is manufactured from the bufflow & biomass used by BIO -TECHNOLOGY and SCIENTIFIC COMPOSTING. Our Product increase crop Production and yield, improves soil health, fertility, structure, creates favorable conditions for healthier plant growth & development and reduce the usage of chemical fertilizers and water. It provides humus, organic matter, micro organisms, major nutrients like Nitrogen, Phosphors, Potassium, Manganese, Calcium, Magnesium etc., Micro nutrients like Boron, Zinc, Molybdenum, and Iron etc. Our Organic Fertilizer is ENRICHED with NITROGEN FIXING BACTERIA (N.F.B), PHOSPHOROUS SOLUBLISING BACTERIA (P.S.B), NEEM etc.

The organic manure helps in improving soil structures i.e. the physical condition of the soil and also improves fertility of the soil.
There is better root proliferation
It acts as a strong repellent to insects and reduces larvicidal activity, nematode population and mycoplasmas. It checks activity of root grubs and soil other soil insects.
It does not leave harmful residue and does not cause problem of pollution.
Organic manure use can play vital role as low cost input for agriculture.
The waste land and low land can be enriched and productivity may be improved by the application of organic manure
The waste land and low land can be enriched and productivity may be improved by the application of organic matter.
Organic manure can minimize the use of chemical fertilizers in high consumption areas.

Packaging Info : 50 Kgs HDPE bag
Payment Terms : 50% along with P.O and the balance before dispatch
Delivery Information : within one month/ mutually agreed
Product Specification
Model No : 3101
Material : Powder, Passes through BS 4mm Sieve
Color : Dark Brown to Black
Size : Moisture: 15-205
N : Min. 0.5%
p : Min. 0.5%
K : Min. 0.5%
Organic Carbon : Min. 12%

Product Images

Organic Fertilizer/Manure

Organic Fertilizer/Manure

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