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Sri Gayathri Biotec

India Andhra Pradesh, India

Establish: 2010

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+91 9959833520

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Product information

PHOSPHATE RICH ORGANIC MANURE (PROM) a DAP substitute which improve the soil texture by increasing the organic carbon, phosphate content of soil. Fertility of the soil depends upon the quantity of beneficial micro organism in the soil. "PROM" contains organic matters and cultures which is the food and energy for logarithmic growth of the micro organism. With regular use of "PROM", micro organism flora increases. pH, EC and nutrient status of the soil improves. Soil becomes more fertile.
For production of "PROM", the basic raw materials used are Organic Manure and mineral Rock Phosphate. ORGANIC MANURE is manufactured from the bufflow dung & plant biomass used by BIO -TECHNOLOGY and SCIENTIFIC COMPOSTING. This Organic Manure is enriched with ROCK PHOSPHATE and made as PHOSPHATE RICH ORGANIC MANURE (PROM).

Phosphate in rock phosphate is in the form of molecules of calcium and phosphate. "PROM" contains about 6% to 8% available calcium along with phosphate. Calcium is the basic requirement of the crop.

"PROM" contains about 4% to 6% Silica in available form. Silica is one of the important nutrients required by the many crops. Availability of Silica helps to increase the disease and pest resistant power of the crop.

"PROM" contains about 1% to 1.5% of iron. The requirement of iron is fulfilled by use of "PROM". It also takes care of the root and shoots development of the crop.
Our Product increase crop Production and yield, improves soil health, fertility, structure, creates favorable conditions for healthier plant growth & development and reduce the usage of chemical fertilizers and water. Our Product extremely useful for all types of crops, fruits and vegetables. It provides humus, organic matter, micro organisms, major nutrients like Nitrogen, Phosphors, Potassium, Manganese, Calcium, Magnesium etc., Micro nutrients like Boron, Zinc, Molybdenum, Iron etc..

Used For
• Gardening: Vegetable, Roof top, herbal
• Organic Landscaping
• Fruit trees (Horticulture)
• Flowering Plants (Floriculture)
• Natural Lawn and Garden care
• Tissue culture Plants
• Sericulture
• Aquaculture 


• An alternative to DAP. It also contains Nitrogen fixing culture, which minimizes the requirement of the Nitrogen of the crop
• Slow release of Phosphate which is already fixed in soil
• Soils improve the water holding capacity of the soil thereby reducing the requirement of irrigation water
• Improve the natural properties of the soil by boosting the growth of soil flora and fauna
• Promotes microbial activity
• Controls pest & diseases
Packaging Info : 50 Kgs HDPE Bag
Payment Terms : 50% along with P.O and the balance before dispatch
Delivery Information : within 2 months/Mutually agreed
Product Specification
Brand Name : ORGANIC DAP
Model No : 3105
Material : Powder
Color : Light Brown
Size : 90% passes through BS 4mm sieve
P : Min. 10.4%
N : Min. 0.4%

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