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Plastic injection pen

$8 / Acre
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MOQ 100 Acre
Price $8 / Acre
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Category Health & Medical Healthcare Equipment
Jiangsu Wan Hai Medical Instruments Co. Ltd.

China Jiangsu, China

Establish: 2017

Business Type :

  • Exporter
  • Trading Company
  • Service Provider
+86 85852533

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Product information
Product design: Jiangsu million sea has a design staff of 11 people, has six years of design experience, the main design direction, long life, high precision, low cost, and other customer special requirements.
Mold: mold processing equipment more than 60 sets, with all kinds of plastic mold processing capacity, can open all kinds of high precision, complex structure of the mould.
Injection molding processing: injection molding equipment more than 80 sets, can process a variety of drug delivery system of the required components. The mature and stable production experience, has been recognized by customers.
Assembly processing: our company has two pen - type injector assembly line 2, each day can be assembled with 30 thousand sets of pen - type syringes.
Quality control: Jiangsu Wan Hai medical treatment with drug delivery system products related testing equipment more than and 50 sets, can ensure product quality, consistency.
The drug delivery system of Jiangsu Wan Hai medical production currently has a number of pharmaceutical companies supporting the production, according to the requirements of all kinds of customers to make the development of pen injector.

Technical parameter:
1.Metal body with elegant design, reliable and durable.
2.High precision injection molding screw; Stable injection; Accuracy error is only 3%
3.Min. dosage 1U, dosage adjustable from 1u~60u.
4.Safe bi-directional dosage adjustment. Device reset automatically and self locking while injection finishes.
5.suitable for both injection needles and injection pens, easy to replace.?
6.suitable for 3 ml card bottle potting medicine liquid injection
7.Can be used over 2 years. Easy operation.
8 applications: ghrelin, insulin, interferon, cosmetic medicine, antibiotics, anti chemical aid, bleeding and pain, heart disease, detoxification, antipyretic analgesic, sedation and so on.
9 low unit price, can alleviate the cost pressure, the quantity big price is more superior, welcome the consultation.
Note: this disposable insulin pen, according to customer requirements, color matching or other surface treatment, printing customer LOGO.

We are willing to cooperate with more foreign trade companies and agents to explore the global market.
No watermark image and parameters, please call us.
We will be the lowest in the world, and to ensure quality, support customers, welcome to inquire.
Product Specification
Brand Name : Vansea
Model No : WH-RA1
Color : COLOR

Product Images

Plastic injection pen

Plastic injection pen

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