Recycling waste plastic to fuel oil plant

Recycling waste plastic to fuel oil plant

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Doing Holdings Co. Ltd

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Product information
--Recycling waste plastic to fuel oil plant--

Recycling waste plastic to fuel oil plant is designed with new pyrolysis technology to convert the waste plastics to the useful fuel oil and carbon black. Not only you can make profits from the pyrolysis oil and carbon black, but also the waste plastic pyrolysis plant can solve the environmental pollution caused by plastic accumulation or burning.

--Successful Installation Cases of DOING Recycling waste plastic to fuel oil plant--
We DOING Company as a leading manufacturer in China has specialized in all kinds of waste recycling machinery and the supporting equipments for about 10 years, 5 years experience for domestic market, and 5 years for foreign trading. Now we have the waste tire/plastic recycling machine, waste oil recycling machine, waste cable wire recycling machine, waste aluminum plastic panel recycling machine, waste PCB recycling machine which can be provided for you.

The raw material which can produce fuel oil by our waste plastic pyrolysis plant include waste plastic of PE, PP, PS, ABS, waste plastic from paper mills , and rubber cable, big tires and small tires,etc. As shown in the figure above, different types of plastic have different oil yields.

---Application of final products from Recycling waste plastic to fuel oil plant---

After the process of the small waste plastic pyrolysis plant, you will get two different final products- pyrolysis oil and carbon black which can reapplied to different fields.

1. Pyrolysis oil

The main product, which is widely provided to the steel factory, boiler heating, heavy oil generator and cement factory as the fuel oil. Or you can refine it to get diesel and asphalt.

2. Carbon black

There are two ways to use it. Firstly, it can be made into pellets for burning and heating, just like coal. Secondly, you can make further refining for the pyrolysis carbon black to get N550, N660, N774 and other semi-reinforced carbon black, which could be used for making many kinds of rubber products, like new tire, shoe soles and paint.

---Contact Us---

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We are in the central part of China, and it just takes 30 minutes' driving from the airport to our office. Every month, we receive many customers from different countries coming to visit our factory. If you are now looking for a new project, you are welcome to visit us! 
Product Specification
Brand Name : DOING
Model No : DY-1/6/10/12
Material : Q345R/Q245R
Color : Customized
Size : 30*15*7m

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Recycling waste plastic to fuel oil plant

Recycling waste plastic to fuel oil plant

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