Removable insulation blanket lacing hooks

Removable insulation blanket lacing hooks
Place of Origin: China
MOQ: 5000 Pieces
Price: USD 1 Per Pieces
Sample: Yes ( On Condition )
Category: Construction & Real Estate > Construction Hardware


Company Information

Hvac Insulation Supplies Co. ltd

Guangdong Sheng, China

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Product Details

Removable Insulation blanket lacing Hooks
Lacing hooks is a kind of insulation fastener that is used for insulation removable blankets, it works with a self locking speed washers to fasten the insulation removable blankets. We have round base lacing hooks and rectangular base lacing hooks.

Product Specification
Material Stainless steel or Low carbon steel
Plating Stainless steel-Polishing Low carbon steel-Zinc plating
Head Diameter 7/8”
Head Thickness 1mm
Pin diameter 12 Gauge or 14 Gauge
Standard length 2.5” 4.5”
Application Removable insulation blankets/covers

Product Quanttiy Box size Weight
12Gauge 2.5” long Lacing hooks 1000Pcs 26×26×18CM 5.8KG
12 Gauge 4.5” long Lacing hooks 1000Pcs 26×26×32CM 6.7KG
14 Gauge 2.5” long Lacing hooks 1000Pcs 26×26×18CM 9.00KG
14 Gauge 4.5” long Lacing hooks 1000Pcs 26×26×32CM 6.82KG

Why choose us to do business?
1: We are a professional manufacturer
2: We manufacture same quality products as other famous manufacturers
3: Auto-production, fasten delivery, On time supply and good price

1: Q: where are you located?
A: we are located at Shenzhen city, the next to HongKong.
2: Q: Do you manufacture other products?
A: at the moment, we only manufacture the insulation fasteners, but we will try to manufacture all insulation fasteners as we can.
3: Q: How about your lacing hooks, the hooks with the pins?
A: The lacing hooks are tight with the pins, they will not come off when install the insulation jackets.   

Packaging Info: 1000Pcs/box, 2.5" at 26*26*18 CM of box, 4.5" at 26*26*32 CM of box.

Payment Terms: 30% deposit and balance should be paid before shipping

Delivery Information: 1-2 weeks


material stainless steel or mild steel
Hook thickness 1mm
used for insulation jackets, covers, blankets
pin diameter 12 Gauge or 14 Gauge
Pin length 2.5" or 4.5"

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