removable thermal insulation jacket

removable thermal insulation jacket

$15 / Piece
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Place of origin China
MOQ 1 Piece
Price $15 / Piece
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Hunan Venice New Materials Technology Co. Ltd.

China Hunan, China

Establish: 2013

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+86 13873100643

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Product information
Where can it be applied?

Steam & Gas Turbine Insulation Covers
Heat Exchanger Insulation Covers
Furnace Tube Insulation Covers
Vessel & Reactor Insulation Covers
Pump & Compressor Insulation Covers
Exhaust Bellow, Turbo Charger and Manifold Insulation Cover
Pipe Insulation Covers
Valve & Actuator Insulation Covers
Tee, Elbow, Reducer and Other Fittings Insulation Covers
Plastic Extruder Barrel Insulation Covers
Insulation Covers for Customized Equipment

Advantages of Insulation Cover
•Long life, more than 3 years.

• Energy Saving. Reduce heat loss by 20%-40%,

•Surface temperature can be lowered to 40?, is safe for touching by hands and operation
•Customized design is supported to 100% fit your application.
•Easy installation
•Water and oil proof, multi-layer protection, anti-corrosion, easy to clean, easy to bend, pollution free and neat out looking.
•Dimension, cut/hole sizes and positions are required for quotation. Drawings and pictures are preferred

Product Details
1. Inner Layer
1000?-1200? high temperature insulated silicone fabric
or high-SI aluminum fabric.
2. Insulating layer(Middle Layer)
insulating layer is ceramicfiber or glass fiber,
The standard thickness is about 25 to 30 mm, temperature resistance more than 1000?.
3. Outer Layer( Protection Layer)
the protection layer is ceramic fiber with high temperature resistance paint coat, or Aluminum Foil ,Fiberglass Cloth,
4. Accessories
Velcro, grommets, anchor pins, loops, zippers are all available in different styles and shapes, for easy installation and fitting tight purpose.

Product Specification
Brand Name : Venice
Model No : V1
Material : fiberglass
Color : silver
Size : custom

Product Images

removable thermal insulation jacket

removable thermal insulation jacket

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