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Self adhesive insulation pins

$22 / Pieces
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Place of origin China
MOQ 10000 Pieces
Price $22 / Pieces
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Category Construction & Real Estate Construction Hardware
Hvac Insulation Supplies Co. ltd

China Guangdong Sheng, China

Establish: 2010

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Product information

Self stick insulation hangers 
Self stick insulation hangers are used to fasten insulation materials to sheet metal quickly and easily, the most common application is for fiberglass duct wrap on sheet metal of duct, each self stick insulation hangers have a foam adhesive on the bottom which is revealed when the release paper is removed. Once the insulation is pressed onto the self stick insulation hangers, put a self locking washers or a dome cap to lock the self stick insulation hangers to hold the insulation in place.

Product Specification
Product Name Self stick insulation hangers
Base Material Stainless steel or Galvanized steel
Pin Diameter Stainless steel, Aluminum, galvanized steel
Base size 50×50mm( 2”×2”)
Pin diameter 2.7mm( 12 Gauge)
Pin length 32mm,38mm,45mm, 50mm, 63mm, 89mm 114mm, 203mm
Application Duct insulation, marine insulation, building insulation

Product Quantity Box size Weight
32mm self stick insulation hangers 500Pcs 26×26×32CM 5KG
38mm self stick insulation hangers 500Pcs 26×26×32CM 5.2KG
45mm self stick insulation hangers 500Pcs 35×35×20CM 5.3KG
50mm self stick insulation hangers 500Pcs 35×35×24CM 5.45KG
63mm self stick insulation hangers 500Pcs 35×35×26CM 5.72KG
89mm self stick insulation hangers 500Pcs 35×35×30CM 6.3KG
114mm self stick insulation hangers 500Pcs 35×35×35CM 6.9KG
203mm self stick insulation hangers 250Pcs 35×35×35CM 4.58KG

1: Don’t use on metal building or ceiling where temperature due to sunlight exposure may exceed 60?
2?Don’t use on cement, wood or painted surfaces
3: Must be used on clean, dry, smooth surfaces
4: Don’t exceed spacing of 300mm between hangers and 0.9 KG load per hangers

Self stick insulation hangers are popular due to their fast and quick install. Simply peel the release paper from the foam adhesive tape and stick the pin onto the sheet metal. Make sure to apply a firm and even pressure onto the base to ensure a proper bond.

Packaging Info : 500Pcs self stick insulation pins with 500 self locking washers in a box
Payment Terms : T/T
Delivery Information : 2 weeks
Product Specification
base Material : Galvanized steel or stainless steel
Pin material : Galvanized steel, aluminum, stainless steel
double faced adhesive tape : 1mm
Pin diameter : 2.7mm
Pin length : 41mm, 50mm, 63mm, 32mm, 89mm, 114mm

Product Images

Self adhesive insulation pins

Self adhesive insulation pins

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