Selmer Paris Super Action 80 Series II Professional Alto Saxophone

Selmer Super Action 80 Series II Alto Saxophone

$1200 / Piece
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MOQ 1 Piece
Price $1200 / Piece
Category Sports & Entertainment Musical Instruments
Hagelaar Musical Instruments

United States California, United States

Establish: 2000

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Selmer Super Action 80 Series II Alto Saxophone

Selmer AS42 Professional Alto Saxophone Lacquer------1000$
Yamaha YAS-82ZII Custom Z Alto Saxophone ------2000$
Allora Paris Series Pro Alto Sax AAAS-805----1000$
Yamaha 82z Silver Alto Saxophone With V1 Neck------1500$
P. Mauriat PMXT-66R Series Professional Tenor Saxophone---1200$
YAMAHA Alto Saxophone with Case Model YAS-62 Gold Lacquer Eb Key-----1400$
Selmer Super Action 80 Series II Alto Saxophone--------1200$
RARE 5-digit Henri Selmer Paris Mark VI Alto Saxophone-----3200$
Selmer Mark VII Alto-----1400$
Selmer Paris Series III Model 62jm Alto Saxophone----3000$
Selmer USA Alto Sax-----1200$
Vintage 1935 Selmer Paris Radio Improved Alto Saxophone----3000$
Selmer Paris Series II Pro 52ju Alto Saxophone----2600$

Allora Boss 2 Professional Alto Saxophone----900$
Yamaha YAS-62III Professional Alto Saxophone Lacquered------100$
P.Mauriat Master 97A Professional Alto Saxophone-----2000$
Selmer Paris Reference 54 Alto Saxophone - Dark Lacquer-----4000$
Selmer Paris Series III Model 64 Jubilee Edition Tenor Saxophone----5000$
Yamaha Yts-26 Student Tenor Sax Outfit-----1600$
Selmer Paris Super Action 80 Series II Alto Saxophone---3400$
Yamaha Yas26 Alto Saxophone-----1200$
Selmer Paris Series Ii Jubilee Tenor Saxophone-----4800$
Keilwerth SX90R Professional Tenor Saxophone------4000$
Selmer Paris Series III Model 62 Jubilee Edition Alto Saxophone-----10000$
Selmer Paris Reference 54 Tenor Saxophone-------4600$
Yamaha Yts-82Zii Custom Z Tenor Saxophone Black Lacquer-----2800$
Yamaha Yas82zii Custom Z Professional Alto Saxophone ----2500$
Yanagisawa AW010 Alto Saxophone All Finishes ----12000$
Selmer STS280 La Voix II Tenor Saxophone Outfit----1400$
Selmer AS42 Professional Alto Saxophone Professional
Eastman 52nd St. Eb Alto Saxophone-----1400$
Selmer Sas280 La Voix II Alto Saxophone ----1300$
Selmer Mark VI Alto Saxophone-----6900$
King Super 20 Full Pearl Alto Sax Brass-----2200$
Keilwerth SX90 Straight Alto Yellow Lacquer 1993----2000$
Selmer Mark VI Tenor Saxophone------6000$
Yamaha YAS-82Z Custom Z Alto Saxophone----1400$
Selmer Tenor Sax Series iii Silver-----1900$
P. Mauriat P. Mauriat PMXA-67R Professional Saxophone----1400$
Adolphe Sax Tenor Saxophone 1870-----3500$
Giardinelli Saxophone Gs812------1900$
C.G. Conn New Wonder Series I Lacquer (24k Gold) 1918-----1000$
King by ? N.White Alto Saxophone Brass 1920's-----2500$
C.G. Conn Connstelation Alto Saxophone Brass Lacquered 1953-----1200$
Yanagisawa A990 Alto Sax Original Lacquer 1992-----1400$
Vintage King by a ?.N.White Co Alto Saxophone ----2600$
Cannonball GA5-SB-----1200$
Buffet Crampon Model 400 Tenor Sax Matte Finish----1200$
Yamaha YAS-875EXII Custom Series Alto Saxophone Black Lacquer----2500$
Cannonball Big Bell Stone Series Ruby----1500$
Allora Chicago Jazz Tenor Saxophone AATS-954----1000$
J L Tenor Saxophone Satin Silver / Brass Keys 2010s----1300$
Yamaha YTS-62II Tenor Saxophone----1200$
Cannonball Big Bell Golbal Series Tenor Saxophone---1400$
Yamha Custom Yts 875 Ex Tenor Sax Custom 875 Ex-----1700$
Yamaha YTS-480 Intermediate Bb Tenor Saxophone Lacquer----1470$
P. Mauriat System 76 Professional Alto Saxophone Un-lacquered----1500$
Eastman EAS640BB Professional Alto Saxophone Black Nickle 2018----1400$
Cannonball Stone Series Alto Sax Stone 2005-06-----1400$
Yamaha YAS-580AL Allegro Alto Saxophone------1200$
Yanagisawa Used T992 Professional Tenor Saxophone------2400$
Allora Vienna Series Intermediate Baritone Saxophone ----1700$
Yanagisawa AW-01 Alto Saxophone "Professional-----1500$
Yamaha Professional Custom EX Silver Plated Tenor----2400$
Keilwerth JK2000-8-0-------1800$
Yanagisawa AW020 Alto Saxophone - Bronze-----2600$
Yanagisawa A901 Gold Lacquer Color------1200$
Chateau Alto Saxophone Professional Model TYA-900E3-----1200$
P. Mauriat PMXA-67RGL Gold Laquer 2017------1600$
Buffet Crampon S1 Alto Saxophone Ca 1975------1300$
Sax Dakota SDA-1000 SS Professional Alto Saxophone -----1200$
P. Mauriat PMXA-67RUL Alto Saxophone - Unlacquered-----1700$
Yamaha YAS-480 Intermediate E-Flat Alto Saxophone------1200$
Sax Dakota Sdts-1022 Professional Straight Tenor Saxophone ----1800$
Buffet Crampon Super Dynaction Tenor-----1900$
Chateau VCH-T800 Tenor Saxophone-----1200$
Chateau Alto Saxophone Handmade Professional Model-----1200$

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Selmer Super Action 80 Series II Alto Saxophone

Selmer Super Action 80 Series II Alto Saxophone

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