Storage Type Water Boiler  HS-10GB

Storage Type Water Boiler HS-10GB

$111 / Piece
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MOQ 11 Piece
Price $111 / Piece
Category Home Appliances Water Dispenser
Hao Hsing Industrial Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Taichung, Taiwan

Establish: 1992

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+886 423376300

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Product information
1. Model HS-10GB
2. Product name 10GB Storage Type Boiler
3. Capacity Hot 10GB
4. Voltage AC 220V 50/60Hz
5. Dimension W42cm x D41cm x H83cm
6. Power consumption Hot 4000 W
7. Filter type 2 stage filtration (1st P.P sediment filter, 2nd Active carbon filter)

1. Child safety lock: Hot water safety lock, avoid accidentally burn.
2. Electricity leakage protection: Installed with national CNS Standard leakage protector. Pressure-less system: Prevent water tank leakage.
3. Double over-heating protection: Double over-heating protection, for top safety.
4. Error Code display: Error Code display, with error codes for more precise maintenance.
Product Specification

Product Images

Storage Type Water Boiler  HS-10GB

Storage Type Water Boiler HS-10GB

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