Techs innovation coal slime rotary dryer

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Jiaozuo Zjn Environmental Protection Equipment Science & Technology Co. Ltd.

China Henan, China

Establish: 1991

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Product information

 We sell metallurgy sludge dryer.
Coal slime is of high moisture content, high viscosity, and low ignition point, and it can not be directly used in industrial production. Coal slime dryer has appeared, turning the slime into a treasure for further use. Error! Hyperlink reference not valid.

China ZJN is engaged in the research, design, production and operation management of drying equipment, and it has been constantly strengthening the competitive advantage of rotary drum dryers and contributing to the core competitiveness of the industry. The coal slime dryer manufactured by the company embodies the efforts of technical staff. We have engineered a new drum dryer surpassing the old single-cylinder dryers, and it is specifically designed for drying coal slimes. The drying effect is excellent.

The technological innovation of the new slime dryer is reflected in:

1. We have adopted the "triple-phase multi-loop" technology, with three sets of cylinders of different diameters allowing the sludge to be spread thin and the evaporation area large, so that sludges can dry fast.

2.It is equipped with a unique rotary harrow device, which can quickly separate high-humidity and high-viscosity materials and break them into pieces, so as to increase the dynamic contact area of materials and hot air. There is no dead angle in the dryer at all levels, which can accelerate material drying rate.

3. The "triple-phase multi-loop" features a large space, and there are many positive and negative material plates, so that the storage capacity is large: three times that of a single cylinder.

4. The temperature is regulated and distributed according to the moisture content of the material, the discharge temperature is low, and the heat energy utilization rate is high.

5. Having adopted "downward flow, vertex plus crossflow and reciprocating" technology, the sludges can move forward three steps and back two steps in the dryer, so that the dried materials can go ahead and the wet can move slowly. The finished product is automatically discharged after meeting the drying requirements.

The new slime dryer can easily realize the recycling of enterprise resources. After drying, the batch can be centralized and processed on a grand scale to improve the production efficiency of the enterprise. The engineering direction of slime dryer is to reduce energy consumption and increase production. 

Packaging Info : standard carrier container
Payment Terms : Payment Type: T/T, L/C, Western Union, Cash.We help clients finance for a drum dryer.Then they can pay the price on installment.
Delivery Information : Leads:10 days Port:Shanghai, Qingdao,Dalian
Product Specification
Brand Name : China ZJN
Model No : China ZJN
Color : red or green
Size : 14*18*28M

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Techs innovation coal slime rotary dryer

Techs innovation coal slime rotary dryer

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