Thermal Evaporation & Magnetron Sputtering Coating Machine

Thermal Evaporation & Magnetron Sputtering Coating Machine

USD 1000 / Acre
MOQ 10 Acre
Price USD 1000 / Acre
Category Machinery & Industrial Supplies Metal Processing Machinery
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Product information

This coating machine combines magnetron sputtering and vacuum evaporation technique. Which means we can get film by two methods. One is to use magnetron sputtering cathode glow discharge to separate target material atoms to get the deposited ionization on substrate. Another way is to use ohmic heating in a vacuum to melt coating material to get the deposited vaporized material on substrate.

•Structure Type: Vertical structure with single door.

•Substrate Material: ABS, PS, PC, PP, PVC, TPU (Plastic materials), acrylic glass, metal, glass and so on.

•Coating Film: metal film, alloy film, composite film, transparent (semi-transparent) film, non-conductive film, electromagnetic shielding film and so on.

•Color: Silver, Gold, Semi-transparency, Red, Blue, Green, Grey, Black, Multicolor, purple and so on.

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