Tianchi farm 100l liqiud nitrogen container

Tianchi farm 100l liqiud nitrogen container

$10 / Pieces
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MOQ 1 Pieces
Price $10 / Pieces
Category Agro & Agriculture Animal Husbandry
Henan Tianchi Cryogenic Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

China Henan, China

Establish: 2018

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+86 17303919089

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Product information

Tianchi farm 100l liqiud nitrogen container

Tianchi farm 100l liqiud nitrogen container good insulation, aluminum alloy and durable, liquid nitrogen the hold time good,container can store long biological specimens, preserve animal, semen, biomedical vaccines
Comes with 6 canisters for biological sample storage, only suitable for storage of liquid nitrogen, not for transport.

Static Storage(D):163
Net Weight(KG):32
Gross Weight(KG):45.0
Static Power Dissipation(Kg/d):0.50
Packing Size:(CM):61*61*103

1.Tianchi series products have small volume, light weight, easy to carry, small and light, the advantages of static storage, low nitrogen consumption.
2. High strength aviation aluminum alloy manufacture, so products light weight.
3.The product easy to preserve biological specimens for a long time, save the animal semen, vaccine, cell, biological medicine field.
4. Equipped with a protective sleeve, can prevent knock against, bumps in use.
5. Can be numbered pail, convenient to identify and separate security access storage samples.
6. According to the needs of users with locking lid, in order to protect the container storage of the safety of the sample.
7. High vacuum multilayer insulation design, provide no less than five years of vacuum.
Structure :
1)The container by the outer liner, liner, neck tube, insulation material, suction nozzle, cylinder etc..
2)Outer liner, inner liner is composed of a high strength, special corrosion resistant Aluminum Alloy plate made of durable.
3)The neck tube is made of special glass fiber reinforced plastic with high strength and low heat conductivity.
4)Insulation material is filled between the inner liner and the outer liner, laminated winding made use of advanced technology.
5)The neck plug is made of special material, and has the dual function of reducing the evaporation of liquid nitrogen and the fixing of the lifting cylinder.
6)Vacuum nozzle is an important part of vacuum sealing, which must be strictly protected.

Packaging Info : carton
Payment Terms : T/T L/C D/A
Product Specification
Brand Name : TianChi
Model No : YDS-100-210
Material : Aluminum alloy
Color : white
Size : 63*63*110cm

Product Images

Tianchi farm 100l liqiud nitrogen container

Tianchi farm 100l liqiud nitrogen container

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