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Tianchi farm cryocan liquid nitrogen container

$1 / Piece
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Place of origin China
MOQ 1 Pieces
Price $1 / Piece
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Category Agro & Agriculture Animal Husbandry
Henan Tianchi Cryogenic Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

China Henan, China

Establish: 2018

Business Type :

  • Exporter
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+86 17303919089

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Product information

Tianchi farm cryocan liquid nitrogen container

Tianchi farm cryocan liquid nitrogen container good insulation, aluminum alloy and durable, liquid nitrogen the hold time good,container can store long biological specimens, preserve animal, semen, biomedical vaccines
Comes with 6 canisters for biological sample storage, only suitable for storage of liquid nitrogen, not for transport.

Static Storage(D):105
Net Weight(KG):5.8
Gross Weight(KG):9.0
Static Power Dissipation(Kg/d):0.08
Packing Size:(CM):34*34*62

liquid nitrogen container can generally be divided into liquid nitrogen containers and liquid nitrogen containers. Storage tanks are mainly used for indoor storage of liquid nitrogen, liquid nitrogen containers should not be used for long-distance transport in the working state; Liquid nitrogen transport tanks in order to meet the conditions of transportation, made a special earthquake-proof design. In addition to being able to stand and store external items, it can also be used as a transport in the state of being filled with liquid nitrogen, but violent collisions and vibrations should also be avoided.

1. During the use of the jars, the use of the jars should be checked every day. Under the premise of liquid nitrogen in the jars, water droplets or frost on the lids of the jars and on the top of the jars are found, indicating that the quality of the jars is problematic. Stop using it immediately;
2. When the bottle cap and the upper no-bearing beads or frosting phenomenon, touch the shell by hand, feeling the upper cold, the lower heat, indicating that there are some problems with the quality of the jar, that is, liquid nitrogen damage increased, should pay attention to observation, After the prevention of liquid nitrogen depletion, the stored material is damaged. If necessary, it is better to stop using it. If the temperature is the same, the quality of the cans is no problem.

3. After opening the bottle stopper, the mist in the bottle mouth does not spill out and sinks, indicating that the jar is good.
4. Use the ear to hear the sound of bubbles in the jar from the bottle mouth. If it is more frequent, there is a problem with the quality of the jar. Otherwise, there is no problem.

Packaging Info : carton
Payment Terms : L/C T/T D/A
Product Specification
Brand Name : Tianchi
Model No : YDS-10
Material : Aluminum alloy
Color : white
Size : 34*34*62cm

Product Images

Tianchi farm cryocan liquid nitrogen container

Tianchi farm cryocan liquid nitrogen container

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