Tianchi farm nitrogen liquid tank

Tianchi farm nitrogen liquid tank

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Place of origin China
MOQ 1 Piece
Price $1 / Piece
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Category Agro & Agriculture Animal Husbandry
Henan Tianchi Cryogenic Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

China Henan, China

Establish: 2018

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Product information

Tianchi farm nitrogen liquid tank

Tianchi farm nitrogen liquid tank is placed in a cool and well-ventilated place because the liquid nitrogen has the ability to exhale oxygen and it is safe to operate it manually.
Containers should be stored in a cool place, avoid sun exposure, otherwise it will cause liquid nitrogen to evaporate quickly.
Do not place heavy objects on the neck stopper of the liquid nitrogen container. Otherwise, liquid nitrogen in the tank will not volatilize normally and damage the tank.
When the container is placed, it cannot be tilted, placed horizontally, inverted, hit, or collided, and the tank should be kept upright.
As long as you do so, the liquid nitrogen container is safe and there is no danger.

Static Storage(D):150
Net Weight(KG):8.2
Gross Weight(KG):11.5
Static Power Dissipation(Kg/d):0.09
Packing Size:(CM):41*41*63

Liquid nitrogen container neck frosting treatment method

1. During use, the liquid nitrogen container has frosting and should be stopped. Contact the manufacturer in time for the life of the liquid nitrogen container.

2. When the liquid nitrogen container is just filled with liquid nitrogen, there will be frost on the neck of the liquid nitrogen container. This is normal and this frosting lasts for 1-2 hours.

So if it is the second case, this is a natural phenomenon, not a problem. Can be used with confidence. 

Packaging Info : carton
Payment Terms : T/T L/C D/A FCA
Product Specification
Brand Name : TianChi
Model No : YDS-15
Material : Aluminum alloy
Color : white
Size : 41*41*63cm

Product Images

Tianchi farm nitrogen liquid tank

Tianchi farm nitrogen liquid tank

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