Waterpark plastic ABS locker

Waterpark plastic ABS locker

$17 / Piece
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MOQ 30 Piece
Price $17 / Piece
Sample Yes
Category Furniture & Decor Outdoor Furniture
Photon Plastic Manufacturing Xiamen Co. Ltd

China Fujian, China

Business Type :

  • Trading Company
+86 15821534437

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Product information

Photon plastic is a professional manufacturer of plastic lockers which can be used in school, gym, swimming pool, office, factory, changing room, beach, home, spa, bath center, hospital, hotel, waterpark, playground etc. It features:
• Safety in use: new original material guarantees no VOC and no bad smell, guarantee health for people who use it.
• 100% plastic material, never goes rust or rot, waterproof, stiffness, good impact resistance, hardness, durability.
• We are the only one in the world to use IMD technology for the door, easily clean, anti-scratch, UV-resistance, keep color and gloss shine longer.
• Knock-down structure, install and disassemble without any tools, time-saving for installation and cost-saving for transportation. 

Product size list:
EL300B: H31xW32xD50
EL300C: H31xW32xD42 (6 tiers totally 197cm)
EL450A: H47xW38xD50
EL450B: H47xW32xD50
EL450C: H47xW32xD42 (4 tiers totally 197cm)
EL600A: H63xW38xD50
EL600B: H63xW32xD50
EL600C: H63xW32xD42 (3 tiers totally 197cm)
EL900A: H95xW38xD50
EL900B: H95xW32xD50
EL900C: H95xW32xD42 (2 tiers totally 197cm)

Payment Terms : T/T
Product Specification
Brand Name : photon
Model No : EL-450A
Material : plastic
Color : blue

Product Images

Waterpark plastic ABS locker

Waterpark plastic ABS locker

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