wave soldering machine

wave soldering machine
Place of Origin: China
MOQ: 1 Units
Price: USD 20097 Per Units
Sample: No
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Product Details

1.Efficient, energy saving, environmentally friendly, safe, new design, smooth lines, simple operation and convenient maintenance.
2. Full-automatic computer-controlled, Windows Xp interface operation and dynamic monitoring, which significantly increases the work efficiency and reduce the production cost; 

3.Full-automatic transportation power system, stepless frequency speed adjustment and self-synchronous board entry;
4.Flux spray system adopts the scanning spraying mode, spray and rodless cylinder made in Japan with PLC controlled, which is accurate and reliable;

5.Preheating system adopts three-phase strong hot air control system, which is of good heat preservation effect, quick in warming with even temperature, < ±2C; 
6. Tailor-made titanium alloy transport chain, which is reinforced and non-tin- -bonding, therefore guaranteeing the welding quality of PCB plate;

7. The solder machine adopts imported high-temperature motor with stepless frequency conversion control and independent control, stable peak performance;
8.The solder machine adopts lead- -free environmentally friendly independent design, which is convenient and safe in going up and down as well as going in and out and easily to clean;

9.The heating of the solder machine adopts hi-speed PID external heated two-phase independent control, which is quick in heating, therefore solving the shortage of solder machine;
10.The function of time controller is designed so that the user can preset the on-off time, the heating up time of solder machine is 70 minutes;

11.This machine adopts the memory function of black box, which can call out the generated management record at any time, therefore to increase the working efficiency; (this is the feature of 300C product)

12.Reasonable environmentally friendly design, automatic chain washing function is adopted to guarantee the cleanliness of the chain;
13.The whole machine design is safe and reasonable, sensitive fault alarm system ensures the stability of the equipment performance as well as the safety of the operators.

Payment Terms: T/T

Delivery Information: 10 TO 15 DAYS


color:whate PCB size:30-350mm
solder pot motor:300KG NET WIGHT:1180KG

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