Yamaha ls9 3

Yamaha ls9 - 32 Digital Mixing Desk

$1800 / Piece
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Place of origin U.S.A
MOQ 1 Piece
Price $1800 / Piece
Category Sports & Entertainment Musical Instruments
Hagelaar Musical Instruments

United States California, United States

Establish: 2000

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  • Exporter
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+1 4155081311

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Yamaha ls9 - 32 Digital Mixing Desk 

Neve 33609/J Discrete classic pro dual channel compressor limiter--1700$
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Yamaha ls9 - 32 Digital Mixing Desk--------1800$
Soundcraft Spirit Monitor 2 Console -----------1500$
Soundcraft Si Performer 2------3000$
Soundcraft Compact Si console----2000$
MIDAS PRO3 Digital Mixing Console with DL371 DSP & DL251 Engines------9000$
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SOLID STATE LOGIC AWS 916 16 Channel Analog Console------26000$
Audient ASP8024-24DLC--------16000$
Audient ASP8024-48DLC--------24000$
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Soundcraft Vi1 Digital Live Console--------14000$
Solid State Logic Matrix-Mixing Console-------9000$
Toft Audio ATB32 32 Channel Mixing Console------3500$
Yamaha QL1 : 48kHz Digital Mixing Console------4000$
Toft Audio Designs ATB-16A Analog Mixing Console------2500$
Crest Audio HP856 56 Channel Live Sound Mixing console----3500$
Avid VENUE SC48 Digital Mixing Console with Two Power Supplies--------1400$
Avid VENUE SC48 Digital Mixing Console with Two Power Supplies
Midas Verona V/480/8/TP Analogue Mixing Console----4500$
Crest HP-Eight 56 Frame 56-Channel Live Sound Mixing Console-------3500$
Midas M32 40 Channel Live / Studio Digital Mixer Console----2000$
APB Dynasonics ProDesk-4 32 Input FOH Mixing Console-------4000$
Yamaha LS9-32:64x8 Digital 48kHz Mixing Console-------6000$
Yamaha M7CL-32 Model M7CL Digital Mixing Console-----9500$
Crest Audio HP832 32 Channel Live Sound Mixing console-------2500$
Toft Audio ATB24 | 24 Channel Mixing Console------3000$
Midas M32 - 32-Channel Digital Console----------2200$
Crest HP-Eight 48 Frame 48-Channel Live Sound Mixing Console-------3000$
Crest Audio HP824 24 Channel Live Sound Mixing console, 24 Mono-------2000$
Avid VENUE D-Show Expandable Digital Mixing Console-------11000$
Allen & Heath GL3800 8 Buss 24 Input Live Mixing Console-------2500$
API The Box Console (The Box Project Console) Mixer---------7000$
Yamaha M7CL-48MBM7CL 48-Channel Digital Mixing Console------6000$
Allen and Heath iLive-T112 28 Fader Mixing Surface------------4500$
Radio Systems RS-12D5P 12 Channel Ditigal Console----------4000$
Midas PRO2/CC/TP Control Centre Surface Digital Audio Mixing System----------8000$
Toft Audio ATB32 32-CH Trident Series Console Mixer ATB 32A---------3500$
APB Dynasonics ProDesk-4 24 Input FOH Mixing Console--------3500$
Allen & Heath GL2800-840 (8 Buss 40 Input Live Console) Mixer-------2500$
Yamaha QL5 : 48kHz Digital Mixing Console-------8000$
Soundcraft / Spirit Si Performer 3 Digital Live Console-------3000$
Crest HP-Eight 32 Frame 32-Channel Live Sound Mixing Console-------2500$
Toft Audio ATB24 24 Channel Mixing Console-------3000$
Beautiful Classic Neve 8232 32x24 console with 8 aux-------4000$
Trident Series 88 32-Channel Console------17000$
Dynamax Consoles MX10E Broadcast Mixer 10 Ch -------2500$
Allen and Heath GLD80 20 Fader Digital Live Console-------2000$
Yamaha CL-5 Digital Mixing Console-------13000$
PRO2C-IP - Midas PRO2C : Digital Mixing Console----------6000$
Yamaha M7CL-48-Channel Digital Mixing Console---------5000$
Radio Systems RS-12HRJ 12 Channel Analog and Ditigal Console---------3500$
Soundcraft Si Performer 2 24-Channel Digital Live Console-------2000$
Allen & Heath GLD-112 28 Fader Digital Mixer------3000$
Rupert Neve Designs 5060 Centerpiece 24x2 Desktop Mixer---------3500$
Dynamax Consoles MX8E Broadcast Mixer 8 Channel---------2000$
Midas M32 40 Channel Live / Studio Digital Console-------2000$
Soundcraft VI1 Control Surface-------7500$
Radio Systems RS-12ARJ 12 Channel Analog Console --------3000$
Midas Verona 320 install Package:32 Input Console --------4500$
PreSonus StudioLive Ai Mix 64 Channel Digital Mixer --------2500$
Allen & Heath GS-R24M 32 Channel Recording Console-----------4500$
Radio Systems RS-12A5P 12 Channel Analog Console------------3000$
API The Box Console - API Audio Small-Format Consoles & Mixers----7000$
Midas PRO1 Live Audio System (Install Package) PRO1/IP----3500$

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Yamaha ls9 - 32 Digital Mixing Desk

Yamaha ls9 - 32 Digital Mixing Desk

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