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Printing and dyeing sludge is rich in nitro and amino compounds and heavy metal elements such as copper, chromium, zinc, arsenic, etc. It is highly toxic and can cause serious pollution to the environment. The "Rotary Rake Rolling Three-stage Multi-loop" and "Automatic Rake-turning Segmental Combined" series of printing and dyeing sludge dryers are specially designed for the characteristics of printing and dyeing sludge.

True Energy Saving Brand Printing and Dyeing Sludge Dryer adopts the domestic leading "Rotary Rake Feiteng Three-stage Multi-circuit" patented drying technology, featuring high efficiency, low energy consumption, easy operation and corrosion resistance. Cooperate with the exclusive patent drying process of "using waste heat from boiler flue gas" of ZJN Company, it can easily realize heating without investment and cost, effectively reduce greenhouse gas emission, save energy and reduce emission, and achieve multiple benefits at one stroke! Successfully solved the sludge disposal problem of textile printing and dyeing enterprises! ZJN Brand Printing and Dyeing Sludge Dryer Is the Best Choice for Printing and Dyeing Enterprises to Dispose of Sludge!

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