ZJN Dyeing Sludge Dryer detoxins your sludge and recycles them

ZJN Dyeing Sludge Dryer detoxins your sludge and recycles them

$43380 / Acre
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Place of origin Zhengzhou
MOQ 1 Sets
Price $43380 / Acre
Category Machinery & Industrial Supplies Electronic Manufacturing Machinery
Jiaozuo Zjn Environmental Protection Equipment Science & Technology Co. Ltd.

China Henan, China

Establish: 1991

Business Type :

  • Exporter
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+86 15539111910

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Product information

Printing and dyeing sludge is rich in nitro and amino compounds and heavy metal elements such as copper, chromium, zinc, arsenic, etc. It is highly toxic and can cause serious pollution to the environment. The "Rotary Rake Rolling Three-stage Multi-loop" and "Automatic Rake-turning Segmental Combined" series of printing and dyeing sludge dryers are specifically designed for printing sludge and dyeing sludge.

The Dryer to treat Printing and Dyeing Sludge:it adopts the domestic leading "Rotary harrow Three-stage Multi-loop" patented drying technology, featuring high efficiency, low energy consumption, easy operation and corrosion resistance.The exclusive patent features a drying process of "using waste heat from boiler flue gas" , it can easily recycle heating without investment or cost, effectively reducing greenhouse gas emission, saving energy, and bringing in multiple benefits at one stroke! Our techs have successfully solved the sludge disposal problem of textile printing and dyeing enterprises! ZJN Brand Printing and Dyeing Sludge Dryer Is the Best Choice for Printing and Dyeing Enterprises to Dispose of Sludge!

Packaging Info : to be negotiated
Payment Terms : We help you with financing: Attractive interest rate Financing extended directly to you without a local bank guarantee Credits without guarantees or collateral Terms of up to seven years or longer to repay the loan Additional financing source eliminates the need for your local bank lines
Delivery Information : 40-80 days after order inssued
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ZJN Dyeing Sludge Dryer detoxins your sludge and recycles them

ZJN Dyeing Sludge Dryer detoxins your sludge and recycles them

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