ZJN High humidity & viscous Leather sludge dryer

ZJN High humidity & viscous Leather sludge dryer

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Jiaozuo Zjn Environmental Protection Equipment Science & Technology Co. Ltd.

China Henan, China

Establish: 1991

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+86 15539111910

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If you look forward to tomorrow, you must do well today first. If you want to be glorious, then you must keep walking. Jiaozuo Zhenjieneng Environmental Protection Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological innovation enterprise specialized in research and development, equipment manufacturing and project engineering of various high humidity and high viscosity materials and industrial solid waste drying.

With a pioneering and innovative technology research and development team and a skilled "craftsman" technician team, after more than 20 years of hard work and practical innovation, our company has obtained more than 100 national patents in the research and development of drying equipment.

Our company has independently designed, developed and produced the "Rotary Harrow Rolling Three-stage Multi-loop" and "automatic harrow turning and subsection combination" series of high humidity and high viscosity drying equipment with full intellectual property rights, which enjoy extremely high reputation at home and abroad due to its excellent drying effect. What an energy-saving drying equipment, a well-known brand! Worth having!

There are many leather-making enterprises in our country, which produce a large amount of leather sludge every year. These hazardous waste materials were discharged into rivers with waste water, causing environmental pollution and destroying the ecosystem. Now this practice has been explicitly prohibited! Sludge disposal is an insurmountable barrier for tanneries to develop healthily.

The "Rotary Rake Rolling Three-stage Multi-loop" and "Automatic Rake-turning Segmental Combined" high humidity and high viscosity leather sludge dryers produced by True Energy Saving Company are specially designed for the characteristics of leather sludge. The use of True Energy Saving Brand leather sludge dryers can effectively realize the national sludge disposal objectives of reduction, innocuity and recycling.

The equipment adopts an intensive three-sleeve design, with small occupied space, easy installation, easy operation, labor saving and low energy consumption. The magical design of "rotary rake+turning rake" makes the materials become non-sticky with high viscosity, non-sticky with high viscosity and non-wet with high humidity.

The unique "material guiding+material lifting" system enables materials to form a uniform material curtain, which is fully integrated with automatically controlled hot air. Sludge is dried evenly and has high efficiency. Equipped with the exclusive patent technology of "using waste heat from boiler flue gas" of ZJN Environmental protection Equipment Technology Company, it makes it easy for enterprises to realize heat supply without investment and cost.

It can also effectively reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and toxic and harmful gases. ZJN Brand Leather Sludge Dryer wholeheartedly protects the development and growth of your enterprise.

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ZJN High humidity & viscous Leather sludge dryer

ZJN High humidity & viscous Leather sludge dryer

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