Drip Coffee Filter (12gr x 6 filter)
Drip Coffee Filter (12gr x 6 filter)
Want to Sell: Drip Coffee Filter (12gr x 6 filter)
Price : USD 6 / Kilogram
MOQ: 1 Tons
Shipping Terms: FOB
Supply Time: 5 days after payment
Category: Food & Beverage
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Product Description
AnTháiCafé Drip Coffee Bag is selected from the best quality of beans with typical aroma, natural strong flavor.
With convenient design of bag, AnTháiCafé Drip Coffee Bag will be a useful product in family and easy to use in the office also.

Product Feature
Feature: 100% Coffee
Natural Flavor

Product Specification / Models

Manufacturer: An Thai Cafe
Element: Arabica and Robusta coffee beans
Expiry date: 12 month
Net Weigh: 225g
Origin: Buon Ma Thuot, Viet Nam

Quality norms:
+ Moisture:5% max
+ Caffeine: 2% min

Application / Models
- Instruction:
Tea along the dot line to open it
Pull 2 hands of the filter and place the hangers onto cup
Pour 25ml hot water into drip coffee filter bag slowly, wait until the coffee absorbs well the water
Continuing pour 15-30ml hot water, wait 30 seconds
Pour more hot water as your favorite and enjoy.

Thanks & Best Regards,

Romeo Tran – Sales Representative
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