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Price : USD 1000 / Piece
MOQ: 1 Piece
Shipping Terms: FOB
Category: Computer & IT
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If you are looking for best Macbook repair service at home in Dhaka, don’t worry, Shomadhan offers Macbook repair services at your doorstep.
We can help make your Mac look new, even after the damage caused by drops, bumps or other accidents. Physical damage may affect your mac's functionality and/or cosmetics. We helped shipping customers who are Mac's, dropped off the bed, and left on top of a car and more. Often we can repair broken Macbook displays faster and cheaper than all repair strategy's one - price - fits Apple. We will always give honest advice and guarantee our parts and work.

Online MacBook services are now available on Shomadhan. Enjoy the best Apple MacBook repair and services in Dhaka by making an online booking at Shomadhan.

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