Enema Kit with Silicone Tubings - Stainless
Want to Sell: Enema Kit with Silicone Tubings - Stainless
Price : USD 30 / Piece
MOQ: 2 Piece
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Complete Kit – contains bucket, tubings & clamp
Stainless Steel - Clinically Hygienic Bucket
Large capacity – over 2 quarts / liters
Medical & Food Grade Tubings
Latex Free; Extremely Easy to Clean & Use

Enema the best and natural method to clean the colon, for body detoxification and managing constipation. The H&Y Superior Home Enema Kit is designed with extra care to make enema an easy and a delightful experience. The complete kit comprises of several components such as the clinically hygienic stainless steel bucket or can that is sufficiently large to hold at least 2 quotes or liters of water. This kit is extremely easy to use and clean. It also has an enema nozzle, medical graded Colon Tubes and clamp. The kit is latex-free, easy to assemble, and most important of all is sterilized to maintain a good health. It is accompanied with an Instruction Manual to make your practice easy, successful and satisfactory. You don't have to be an expert at it and is suitable for home. The Parts of this kit can be easily replaced and available separately in the market. All the above qualities if this Enema kit makes it the single most technique which is most effective in keeping the colon flushed and body detoxified - Totally Unassisted!!

Brand Name healthandyoga
Model No Soulgenie
Material Stainless Steel - Clinically Hygienic Bucket
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