Suvolt Electronics

Guangdong, China

Company Information

Company Name : Suvolt Electronics
Business Category : Energy & Power Power Supplies & Equipment
Location : No.42 Jinhai Garden, Haier Rd Guicheng Nanhai
Phone: +86 75782873705
Year Established : 2011
Business Type :
  • Exporter
  • Trading
  • Manufacturer

Company Profile / Description

SUVOLT Electronics/Richee Enterprise Co., Limited is a manufacturer, sales and marketing company, we have our own R&D company, production factory, and we cooperate with the TOP 3 OEM company, to produce our SUVOLT brand products of UPS. We sale UPS, Inverter and solar products to worldwide.

About Technology:
With the latest technology, our R&D Company develop the core technology and supply to most inverter producing factory, get feedback from those factories to improved time by time. That means most inverter products you buy from Foshan China, it’s the same core technology from our R&D company.

About factory:
Our R&D Company was established in 2011, develop the most advanced and stable core technology. Our production factory was established in 2015, focus on the high standard products production. SUVOLT brand established in 2017, cooperate with TOP 3 OEM factory, focus on SUVOLT brand sales and marketing all over the world.

Our vision:
Provide the best solution by producing and sourcing the best selected products for our customer’s market and help customer to win their market in the future ten more years.

Our Value:
Specialist doing special work, our R&D company focus on research and development, our production factory focus on best products production. SUVOLT company focus on world wide sales and marketing. We help our cooperator to have more business; help customer to win the market in a long turn. To create a growing circle for factories and customers. 


Sine wave power inverter

Price : $60 / Acre

MOQ : Acre

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