Sweeten Condensed Milk Powder
Sweeten Condensed Milk Powder
Want to Sell: Sweeten Condensed Milk Powder
Price : USD 1 / Tons
MOQ: 500 Kilogram
Shipping Terms: FOB
Packing Terms: 25kg/bag (inner 25x1kg PE bag)
Supply Time: 7-10 days
Category: Food & Beverage
Offer Details
We are a manufacturer of sweetened condensed milk powder which is ideal for many kinds of beverage especially tea and coffee drinks. It gives strong sweet, good taste, and suppresses sourness of coffee. It is easy to apply, only water and powder.
Fat: 18% Max.
Protein: 9% Max.
Trans-fat: None
Brand Name Cornex
Material Dairy Products
Color White and Creamy
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