Whipping Cream Powder
Whipping Cream Powder
Want to Sell: Whipping Cream Powder
Price : USD 1 / Kilogram
MOQ: 500 Kilogram
Shipping Terms: FOB
Packing Terms: 25kg/bag (inner 25x1kg PE bag)
Supply Time: 7-15 days
Category: Food & Beverage
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We are a manufacturer of Whipping Cream Powder which is used in various kinds of desserts such as ice cream, coffee, decorating cakes and etc. Our product is better than others in such a way that it keeps its shape or not decay/dissolve for 30-45 minutes. Therefore, it is a durable product, mild sweet, and delicious.

Usage Instruction: Put 100g of Whipping Cream Powder into 150 ml of cold water. Whip with an electric beater at highest speed level for 5 minutes. Packing: 1kg/bag.
Brand Name Cornex
Model No 024
Material Dairy Product
Color White Creamy
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