Flag pole, flag bases, folding tent structures

Buyer From: Spain
Category: Machinery & Industrial Supplies
Quantity: 21000 Pieces
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Adivin is a flag factory based in Malaga city, southern Spain. We have an important market share in Spain, and we export to 16 european countries, we currently sell more than 5 million euros per year. Check the link below to visit our website: www.adivin.com (choose country).

Nowadays, we are looking for suppliers of flag poles, flag bases and folding tent structures in Bangladesh, specifically, we are looking for the following items with priority:

- Fiberglass flag pole
- Table flag stand
- Cross base
- Water bag for cross base
- Tent frame

Think we are talking about large orders. For example, cross bases for Flybanners, orders of around 7000 units per quarter.  Please, answer me as soon as possible, so we are going to be able to get some samples to test before placing an order. We will pay for the sample and its shipping costs to Spain. We will need an invoice of the samples, to be able to dispatch it correctly. 

And please, contact me only by our commercial email: comercial6@adivin.com 

Contact Information
Company Name: Adivin Beach Flag S.l.
Company Address:

C/ LimitaciĆ³n, 22 Pol. Ind. La Huertecilla

Contact Person: Mr. Yi Zhu
Contact No: +34 630861843

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