Wood Creosote Oil

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CAS: 8021-39-4
Source: It is kind of a mixture of phenols obtained by distillation of beech, pine, oak, maple or similar woods.
Usage: Further refined to medical grade creosote oil.

We are looking for wood creosote oil,our company mainly produces medicinal grade creosote oil. After 20 years of operation, this product has occupied more than 60% of the share of Southeast Asia.

This year, several larger pharmaceutical companies in Europe signed cooperation contracts with us. Now, it is urgent to expand production scale. We are going to purchase wood creosote that meet the standards from global raw material suppliers.

The estimated demand is about 1200 tons. If you have this product, please contact us as soon as possible. My contact information is: snow@fengfanchem.com. We are looking forward to long-term and stable cooperation.

Company information

Company Name : Xiamen Caogenlan Industry Co.ltd
Buyer From : China China

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