Company Profile / Description

Zhengzhou TCH Instrument Co., Ltd. is established with the goal of providing researchers with specialized instruments designed to meet their unique demands. We has grown into one of the material science market’s sources of quality instruments overseas. Although the work of the research community has changed quite a bit over the last years,Zhengzhou TCH Instrument Co., Ltd , through constant innovation, continues to provide the highest-quality instruments and unparalleled service, to meet and exceed all of our customers’ needs.

Zhengzhou TCH Instrument Co., Ltd is a leading developer of lab instruments and related products. Our products are used by lab research professionals worldwide. Throughout our history Zhengzhou TCH Instrument Co., Ltd has been synonymous with quality.

Company Information

Company Name: Zhengzhou TCH Instrument Co., Ltd
Business Category: Chemicals
Location: Changchun road, high-tech zone , Henan, China.
Year Established: 2016
Business Type: Exporter
Main Product: spin coater, lab furnace, lab press machine and dies, ceramic products, etc

Factory Information

Factory Name Address Contact Person Phone Number Details Image
Zhengzhou TCH Instrument Co., Ltd Changchun road, high-tech zone, zhengzhou city, henan province , China